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Sugar Bear Hair Capsules - Pink

 Sugar Bear Hair Capsules - Pink, fig. 1
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SugarBearHair has been formulated from a combination of the most important vitamins and essential minerals that support skin health, and healthy hair growth, in precise and studied doses.

Where the Pink Sugar Bear Hair is manufactured in the USA within the guidelines approved by the US Food and Drug Administration; This is to ensure high quality and safe products.

It is available in the form of a small chewable bear with a delicious berry flavor.

Sugar Bear Hair Pink Ingredients:

Contains 5 nutrients to support healthy skin, 5 ingredients to promote hair and nail growth, and 6 more to support energy and vitality and promote whole-body health; Among them :

  • Vitamin D: stimulates the growth of old and new hair follicles as well.
  • Vitamin B5 : prevents moisture loss and helps soften the scalp, it also binds to the hair and adds strength to the follicles.
  • Vitamin A: helps the skin glands to form an oily substance that moisturizes the scalp and maintains healthy hair.
  • Vitamin B6 : Ensures delivery of amino acids (the building block of protein) needed to make hair proteins.
  • Vitamin B12: Promotes healthy hair growth by aiding in the production of oxygen-rich red blood cells, which in turn nourishes hair follicles.
  • Vitamin B9: Mainly responsible for the growth of skin tissue, hair and nails.
  • Vitamin E: essential for healthy skin, including the scalp. gives hair a strong base from which to grow; By reducing the effects of free radicals and preserving the insulating lipid layer.
  • Vitamin C: One of the benefits of the Pink Sugar Bear Hair Vitamin is the presence of multi-tasking vitamin C in its ingredients; It is a powerful antioxidant that protects against the effects of free radicals. In addition, the body needs vitamin C to make collagen, which is an important part of the hair structure.
  • Iodine: stimulates the thyroid gland, which helps promote hair growth and maintain its strength. It also helps fight infection in the scalp.
  • Zinc: plays an important role in hair tissue growth and repair. It also keeps the sebaceous glands around the follicles working properly.
  • Inositol: reduces hair loss.

Features of Sugar Bear Pink : 

  • Vegetarian, suitable for vegetarians.
  • Tasty; Made with a raspberry flavor and easy to chew.
  • It is gluten-free and therefore completely safe for celiac disease patients.
  • One of the benefits of Pink Sugar Bear Hair Vitamin is that it does not contain hormones; Therefore, it will not cause facial or body hair to grow.

Indications for use Pink Sugar Bear:

Simply use this supplement to get the skin and hair of your dreams; Where the benefits of Pink SugarBearHair vitamins can be summarized as follows:

  • Improve hair elasticity.
  • Stop breaking ends.
  • Improving the general health of women.
  • Hair grows longer and stronger.
  • Nourish hair from the inside out.
  • Increase hair strength and density, and stop hair loss.


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