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Abu Elias For Selling Brands - أبو الياس لبيع الماركات العالميه
أبو إلياس لبيع أفخر الماركات العالميه في اليمن ...الأول :صنعاء شارع الجزائر المركز الليبي ...الثاني :صنعاء شارع المقالح سبأ مول
ALFA Co. Ltd. - شركة ألفا المحدودة
We are Alfa Co., Ltd. for trading and investment based in Sana'a, Republic of Yemen is a part of mother company Al - ESAYI GROUP of Companies with the main headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ALFA Company used to. ALFA is engaged in electronics, consumer products, communication and office automation products , Security / Surveillance Products and projects Computer Hardware products and Software Solutions, Networking Solutions , Pelican hard copy international , ceramic and tiles industry , real estates , etc. The whole business operations and constructive activities 100% owned by the group.
AlMuthanna - المثنى تيليكوم للتجارة
Mobile Phones, Accessories, Tablets and Smart Watches.
Azab Trading - العزب للتجارة
Al-Azab for General Trade and Import provides all household necessities such as home and electronic appliances, utensils and household appliances Products Household refrigerators - refrigerators groceries - Freezers -mstelzmat kitchen utensils and Tools- cookers - Washing Machines - Vacuum Cleaners - Juicers and Khalatat- Scholl Kahrbaiah- A_i_uarat and Kkawiat hair - Kkawiat clothes. And all that the house needs
Body Care
منتجات طبيعية للشعر والجسم.
Coffee Corner
Cafe specializes in selling all types of coffee - coffee makers - books and novels
Cottage Store
Bath products, beauty and wellness with unique scents made in France.
Dar AlJamal - مؤسسة دار الجمال
Dar AlJamal - مؤسسة دار الجمال
Delta Technology - دلتا تكنولوجي
Delta Technology Inc. is a leading solar energy, information technology and computer networking companies and we have over 20 engineers engaged in the repair and installation services starting from your PC to Serfrat, printers and build large wireless networks with direct sales to the customer service systems with the machine maintenance after purchase and excel reform laptop medical and precision equipment also have authorized maintenance center of American Terpleight company in power systems.
Durrar Shop For Competent coffee
Specialized shop selling luxury Yemeni specialty coffee - Coffee preparation tools- International brands.
Foncity - مؤسسة فون سيتي
مؤسسة فون سيتي رائدة في مجال الاكسسوارات للهواتف المحمولة وتشمل العديد المنتجات مثل الشواحن والخوازن والسماعات والتوصيلات وغيرها
Fto0on - فتون
منتجات طبيعية
Gotec - جوتك
Electronic Store