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Categories of Ads


Featured Product Ads

Improve visibility of individual products with banner ads and featured products that appear in main pages and on product pages.


Featured Brands Ads

Boost brand awareness with brand logo and a customized headline in ads that appear in Feature brands blocks, brands page and banners.


Featured Stores

Inspire customer loyalty with your own multi-page Store on eMahallat. Also, Ads appear in Feature stores blocks, stores page and banners.


Featured Promotions

Spread your promotions reach and attract customers and shoppers easily Featured promotions blocks and banners through site pages and sections and all of our advertisement platforms.



Why to advertise with us?

  • Get new customers.

  • Get your products, brands, store or promotion featured and special.

  • Measure result with Ads Analytics Reports.

  • Yemen Largest Online Marketplace.

  • Massive monthly unique visitors.

  • Curated Purchase Intent and Past Purchase Data of Thousands of Users to target the right audience.

  • All Yemen’s Cities serviced.

  • High performance verity advertising solutions.



Ad Features

eMahallat ads is an end-to-end Commerce Advertising solution that lets brands engage with transacting consumers. eMahallat ads helps measure results right from awareness and consideration to purchase.


Consumer Targeting

We help you reach shopping audiences by targeting them with related product and categories based on purchase intent and history. Also, reach any segments of users specific to your business need.


Multiple Ad Solutions

  • Website and App

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media, Messaging Apps and YouTube

  • Publications

  • Other


Ads Analytics Reports

Measure performance and efficiency of your campaigns.


Target Based on Location

Reach your customers in the areas where they live or where they do business with you.


Multiple Ad Formats

Interactive ad formats in the form of Images, banners, Video, Text, Digital, Printed etc.


Global Web Ad Units

High performing advertising units thorough all the web.



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